People : Jenn Peak | Seattle, Washington – 2015

Sway | Seattle, Washington - 2015

Sway | Seattle, Washington – 2015

I am working to expand my portfolio to include; modeling, portraits, business profiles and headshots.

I recently had my first shoot with a live model. Thank you to Jenn Peak for her patience and for sitting for these photos.

If you’re interested in sitting for a session please contact me, I would love to capture you.

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Sleeping in public | Seattle, Washington – 2014

Freedom | Seattle, Washington - 2014

Freedom | Seattle, Washington – 2014

“”No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.”” – Carrie Snow

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Camera Tossing | Seattle, Washington – 2015

Plastic Ghost | Seattle, Washington - 2015

Plastic Ghost | Seattle, Washington – 2015

Camera tossing is one of my favorite shooting techniques.

For these one of a kind images, the shot is achieved by tossing your camera in low light. While spinning in the air, the camera picks up trails of light.

I find the results are always kinetic, abstract, and a bit haunting.

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Nikon Digital | Seattle, Washington – 2015

Portal| Capitol Hill, Seattle - 2014

Portal | Capitol Hill, Seattle – 2015

I recently purchased a Nikon Digital s3600. It’s very different than shooting with the iPhone, or my dSLR.

The camera fits in my pocket, is lightweight, and was relatively cheap.

It’s fun to shoot with in low light, and quiet situations where a 35mm, would be too intrusive.

I am finding that it is also very useful for pickup shots, in-between takes with the 35mm, during night and action shoots.

Here are some of the results.

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SeaTown: Umbrellyfish | Mixed Media – 2015

SeaTown: Umbrellyfish

SeaTown: Umbrellyfish – 2015

I am currently working on a Seattle inspired series called SeaTown.

Each design incorporates an element from the ocean, and from the city.

This design is the Umbrellyfish.


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Context Yoga | Seattle, Washington – 2014

Robyn w/ Context Yoga

Robyn w/ Context Yoga

My good friend Robyn recently let me shoot her teaching a yoga class for her blog Context Yoga.

She teaches a free class every Monday from 12:00-1:00 at Lorna Jane’s MOVE Studio in Westlake Center (400 Pine St, Seattle).

Robyn also teaches several others classes around the city, you find more information on her blog.

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City lights: Winter | Seattle, Washington – 2014

Westlake Center

Westlake Center | Seattle, Washington – 2014

Nighttime in the city, during the winter is such an amazing time of year.

In the sharp cold and absence of light, the pulsing glow of festival lights  work their magic.

They always find a way leave me spellbound.

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Santarchy | Seattle, Washington – 2014

Santarchy 2014

Santarchy | Seattle, Washington – 2014

It’s that magical time of year again, it’s time for SantaCon!

If you’re not familiar with Santarchy, you can learn about it here.

I personally love these four rules of Santarchy.

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Symmetry Sketches | Mixed Media – 2014


Odditorium: Jabberwocky – 2014

2014 was my second year playing with mixed media in a digital format.

I became really obsessed  with the ideas of  shape, flow, and symmetry.

I wanted to create sketches that took  juxtaposing images, and made then look like natural resting objects.

Something wild, spartan, and balanced, like nature in a harsh climate.

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Blitz CapHill Art Walk | Vostok Dumpling House

SeaTownFor the month of June, as a part of the Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk, I will be displaying my work SeaTown at Vostok Dumpling House.

If you are in the neighborhood, please swing by and say Hello.

Information for Vostok can be found here, and the Capitol Hill Arts Walk here.

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Sketches| Mixed Media – 2013


Sonambulist – 2013

Technology is so amazing.

With my phone, and tablet  I have a camera, jukebox, phone, gps navigation, all in my pocket.

It makes it really easy to  wander the city taking photos when you’re a walking photo studio.

It also doubles as an entire art studio.

Mixed media work in a digital format is much different experience that using a traditional sketch book.

Working with a stylus and tablet can be maddening, but the results are always interesting.

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Travelogue | Reykjavik, Iceland – 2013


Downtown Reykjavík | Reykjavík, Iceland – 2013

Seeing the Northern Lights is something I’ve wanted to cross off of my bucket list for some time.

In 2013 I went to Iceland in hopes of making that happen.

The aurora borealis eluded me, but I was able to capture a few nice shots.

There’s always next time.

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Sketches| Mixed Media – 2013

Adam West: Seattleite

Adam West: Seattleite – 2013

These pieces are my first foray into digital design.

The ability to use the internet to make any image I can imagine is an artists dream come true.

With enough time and patience, anything I can picture in my  minds eye, I can create digitally.

It is an amazing, and powerful medium.

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