No Exit exhibition title card


#NoExit or “Hell is Other People” is a series of images captured in black-and-white during my initial steps into photography full-time.  This collection of photographs was created during a very intense personal period filled with amazing memories as I watched my new life take shape before my eyes.

During my transitory period; often, while on-assignment I would find myself in bizarre locations at odd hours. In addition to being monochromatic, I believe this factor gives many of the images a surreal feel. Over-time I began shooting with this specific approach in mind.

From a technical stand point, each image was composed in-frame using only natural light sources and the scene in front of me. I am also proud the images contain minimal targeted adjustments for tonal and contrast purposes.

Thematically, I hoped to create minimalist compositions that allow the viewer to identify with the scene as if viewing their own dream and create their personal narrative based on context and association; between something half-remembered and somewhere half-awake.

Conceptually, I would like the view to feel a mixture wonder and mild confusion.  Exploring a place that feels familiar, but shrouded in mystique. Much in the way that walking in the desert at night, can feel like walking on the surface of the moon.

Thank you for taking the time to view my labor of love and life from my perspective.

Crow midflight in an urban setting
The ache of unused wings | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Racoon on chainlink fence adjacent to sigh that reads "No Trespassing"
Beware of Dog | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Night time images of Gas Works park and Seattle with light streaks
VHS II | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Angled image of curved shaped construction siding under a streetlight
Obstacle | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Scenic image of south Seattle port with Ships, heron, helicopter and industrial elements
Borderlands | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Figure outlined by streetlight on the edge of a desolate night backdrop
Watch the world burn | Spokane, Washington - 2015
abandonded cement factory in southern seattle
Derelict | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Signage for small diner that reads "Eat Mrs Beesleys"
Eat Beesleys | Toldeo, Washington - 2015
French bulldog smiling while on leash on sidewalk
Dixie loves carrots | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Model with teddy bear and heart baloon in an abandonded warehouse
Upside down | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Diamond geometric pattern in concrete
Diamonds | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Hotel Atrium skylight
Oracle | Bellevue, Washington - 2015
Hand covered in zombie finger puppets
Hi-5 | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Neon crucifix attached to brick wall that reads "Jesus Saves"
Jesus Saves | Spokane, Washington - 2015
Shattered window revealing golden ratio "nautilus" shape
Nautilus | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Cat tails and long grass in the morning light
Wonderland | Bellevue, Washington - 2015
Stained glass window of Jesus Praying
Revelations | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Empty hallway in a hotel
Middle of nowhere | Portland, Oregon - 2015
Smoke stack billwing smoke outside of a warehouse in an empty parking lot
After hours | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Spider on web in front of streetlamp at night.
Along came a spider | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Stone garden sculpture among several industrial elements
Our lady of Land Development | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Are we sleepwalking? II | Bellevue, Washington - 2015
Shopping cart along in garage below sign that says "Do Not Enter"
This place is a prison | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Strips of wallpaper backlit in a windo
Strips | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Silver garden ornament reflection
Orb | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Field of dew covered grass and morning fog with tree and sunrise and background
Are we sleepwalking? | Bellevue, Washington - 2015
Dew covered spider web in tall grass dappled by sunlight
Morning light | Bellevue, Washington - 2015
Figure walking along a path in a foggy field
Are we sleepwalking? | Bellevue, Washington - 2015
Timelapsed image of traffic at night on Interstate 5
VHS | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Cathedral window silohuette in St Marks Cathedral
St. Marks | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Taxidermy deer in window display of a small diner
Nightlife | Spokane, Washington - 2015
Wall covered in writing, graffitti and stickers
If your hearts still open | Portland, Oregon - 2015
Words "Boy Toy" written on sidewalk in chalk with bicyclist riding over it
Boy Toy | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Shattered glass window creating sprial effect
Spiral | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Light trails in the night sky
Trails | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Morning rain again the concrete
Morning rain | Seattle, Washington - 2015