Memories are like stones, time and distance erode them like acid. – Ugo Betti

It has never been my object to record my dreams,

just the determination to realize them. – Man Ray

#WNDRLST _WNDRLND or Wonderlust Wandlerland is my first multi-media exhibition.

The series is created from self-generated images & video, clip art, 35MM slides, scanned photos, and other found materials.

Its contents are centered around themes of self-identity, memory, “lost girl” genre fiction, dream analysis and disorientation.

Conceptually, I would like each piece to evoke a clear and self-contained thought, feeling, idea or message.

My goal is to create a paracosm and in its environment tell a story of deep personal exploration.

I also desire to reveal a narrative arc within the elements that will change the experience for the viewer based on context.

In this selection I wish to present:

-Memory as a tangible, but faulty entity.

-Meditations on entropy, cycles, patterns of behavior, & subconscious thought.

-Exploration as a constant uncharted journey.

This project has been an intense labor of love. Thank you for taking the time to consider my art.

Thank you: Cicely Williams, Dan Williams, Rachel DeMoss, Annelise Stighall, Andreya Taylor, Marie Bodine, Todd Battle, Nicole Orsua, Isabell Mendez, Rae Black, Noni, Jason Raveling, Tatiana Gill, & Kim Arbois

Title card for art exhibtion Wonderlust Wanderland stylized as antique literature
Everlasting gaze | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Black hole | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Fate & faith| Seattle, Washington - 2017
Creation I | Seattle, Washington - 2017
cameo images of baby, and youth with horns and antlers with a text overlay
For I was born. | This too shall pass.
Silver linings | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Artwork stylized as Illustrated medical text
Space Monkey| Seattle, Washington - 2017
The oracle says | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Creation III | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Mesmer | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Creation II | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Loteria Board I| Seattle, Washington - 2017
Modern romance | Seattle, Washington - 2017