Word on the Street | 2012 – Current

Hello My name is Sticker with Letters spellign the words "Fuck Off" adhered to where name space is formatted.
Hello My Name is FUCK OFF | Olympia Washington - 2017
Writing on bathroom wall that says "YOUR FACE HERE"
YOUR FACE HERE | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Sticker on sidewalk that says "God made me gay"
God made me gay | Seattle, Washington - 2014
Graffitti of the word "HAND" painted on bathroom wall
HAND | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Racoon crawling up chainlink fence next to sign that says "No Trespassing"
No Trespassing | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Rock spray painted silver with text that reads "Roll with it"
Roll with it | Seattle, Washington - 2014
Sign attached to light pole that says "GOD IS WATCHING...BUT WE ALSO HAVE VIDEO"
GOD IS WATCHING...| Seattle, Washington - 2013
Black sticker with text that reads "Transgender People Have Always Exsisted"
Transgender People Have Always Exsisted | Seattle, Washington - 2015
The words "Don't Lose Your Soul" etched into a sidewalk
Don't Lose Your Soul | Seattle, Washington - 2014
Marker graffitti on papered wall that says "This town can suck my fucking dick."
This town can suck my fucking dick | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Pen graffitti on tile wall that reads "Love yourself more"
Love Yourself More | Seattle, Washington - 2014
Spray paint graffitti on brick wall that says "Fall in love, buy less shit".
Fall in love, Buy less shit | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Wheatpaste sticker of Marilyn Monroe with a Cat Head adjacent to text that says "My Pussy is Fabulous"
My Pussy is Fabulous | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Wheatpaste sign on graffitti covered wall that says "You are a fucking PHOENIX"
You are a fucking Phoenix II | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Marker graffitti on apartment building callbox that reads "Broke Don't Work Ever".
Broke Don't Work Ever | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Sign reading "Please Do Not Feed Birds" with bird feces on it
Please Do Not Feed Birds | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Image of reflection in which a sign states "Jesus Cares About You"
Jesus Cares About You | Tacoma Washington, 2016
Woman in high heels standing next to scripture written in chalk on sidewalk that says "For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled and thos who humble themselves will be exalted - Luke 14:11"
Humble | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Stickers attached to USPS mailbox that read "Love City Love"
Love City Love | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Woman holding a large sign in Pike Place market that says "Honk if you love foreskin"
Honk if you love foreskin | Seattle, Washington - 2014
The words "The Dude abides" carved into a wooden table.
The Dude abides. | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Black sticker attached to pole that says "NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE YOU"
NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE YOU | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Sticker on water main that says "You are beautiful"
You are beautiful | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Painted writing on wooden light pole that says "I want to love a Unicorn, but love isn't real "
I want to love a unicorn, but love isn't real | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Writing on bathroom stall wall that says "Eatin' Aint Cheatin'"
Eatin' Aint Cheatin' | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Backlight readerboard with Letters that spell "Love Yourself 50%"
Love Yourself 50% | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Pink sticker on mud splattered utility box that says "EVERYBODYS SOMEBODYS BITCH"
EVERYBODYS SOMEBODYS BITCH | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Spraypaint graffitti on a brick wall that says "I'm Gay!"
I'm Gay! | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Marker writing on bathroom stall wall that reads "EAT 7000 DICKS"
EAT 7000 DICKS | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Graffitti on bathroom stall that reads "Say Yes!!, I only say no"
Say Yes!! (I only say no) | Seattle, Washington - 2014
Handrwriting on light pole that says "Hot Girl"
Hot Girl | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Graffitti on handrail over busy overpass reading "Jump for Love"
Jump for LOVE | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Cardboard sign that says "You're Sexy!"
You're Sexy! | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Heart and handwritten graffitti that reads "Pretty Cunty"
Pretty Cunty | Seattle, Wasington - 2013
Graffitti on handrail over busy overpass reading "Jump for Love"
Jump for LOVE | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Wooden sign attached to chainlink fence that says "No Trespassing"
No Trespassing | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Sign in window next to two pink flamingos that reads "Dissent is patriotic"
Dissent is patriotic | Seattle, Washington - 2016
White sitcker on railing of overpass above freeway that says "Best of luck with all of yoru problems"
Best of luck with all your problems | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Marker writing on wood that says "I never wante to cease to exist, just disappear"
Cease to exist | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Writing on wall that says "fuck you asshole" next to a pint of vodka.
Fuck you asshole | Seattle, Washington - 2014
Handwritten cardboard sign that says "At Least We're Not Tweakers, Just Stoners!"
At Least We're Not Tweakers, Just Stoners! | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Black viynl stickers on the wet hood of a car around emblem that says "THAT ASS"
THAT ASS | Seattle, Washington - 2014
Rainworks graffitti on wet sidewalk that says "Kindness is magic"
KINDNESS IS MAGIC | Seattle, Washington - 2015
USPS Shipping lable ahdered to graffitti covered wall that says "Hey Yuppies Go Fuck Yourselves"
Hey Yuppies Go Fuck Yourselves | Seattle, Washington - 2014
Modified street sign that says "One Love"
One Love | Seattle, Washington - 2013
spraypaint graffitti on brick wall that says "SMUT"
SMUT | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Chalk writing on sidewalk that reads "Have a good day!"
Have a good day! | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Rusty button attached to wooden light pole that reads "Read Local"
Read Local | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Wheat paste sign on brick wall that says "You are a fucking Phoenix."
You are a fucking Phoenix | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Spraypaint graffitti on brick wall reads "Snobs on staff"
Snobs on Staff | Seattle, Washington - 2015