Cosmic cat | Seattle, Washington - 2018
Day of the Dead style Skull with Pacific Northwest design elements, including music, sea life, and local Seattle based iconography
Northwest til Death | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Logo styles in design of Seattle based coffee chain with the mascot making obscen hand gesture with text that says "No Fucks Given"
Not one | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Drawing of child with tentacle arms using remote control to operate robot toy
Remote | Seattle, Washington - 2014
Humminbird approaching Gramphone with Roots
Sea Town | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Digital Collage of teeth, eye, and hand drawn elements creating round alien head
Mon Calamari | Seattle, Washington - 2013
The persistence of memory II | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Photoshop composotion containing stone bust, with skeletons and gothic elements.
Regent | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Conceptual image of hand stylized with eyes, cameras, and candy.
CCTV | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Photoshop composition, monkey in astronaut suit floating in space.
Space Monkey | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Samsara | Seattle, Washington - 2018
Postcard with Seattle branded elements designed by the artist includes Spaceneedle Anchor, Evergreen tridents and SEAhorse
Greetings from Seatown | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Female and male cameo images using city as backdrop for silohuette
Good morning | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Quote by poet Theord Roethke which says "Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light"
Theodore Roethke | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Child in jumper and mask holding onto Jellyfish tentacle
Responsibility | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Symmetrical heart design featuring Pacific Northwest elmenents such as Orcas, Bigfoot, the Space Needle, Salmon, Sea Life, and Nautical elements
Heart of the City | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Digital collage made from photographs consisting of Metal giraffe sculptures and a wooden fence
Easter Island | Seattle, Washington - 2012
Girl floating with balloons in abandoned warhouse
House of Balloons | Seattle, Washington - 2015
Crow perched on top of Bowie knife, with design elements.
Murder of one | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Logo in style of NBA team Seatltle Supersonics showing construction cranes in tke skyline with text reading "Seattle Stupid Condos"
Sonic Boom | Seattle, Washington - 2017
Digital collage of Adam West being zapped by remote control in front of multi colored background
Adam West Seattleite | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Creature designed from photographs of sea life and other animal parts
Jabberwocky | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Digital drawing of rabbit skulls and knives
killing moon | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Abstract self portrait | Digital Drawing
Somnambulist | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Photoshop composition. Symmetrical shape consisting of bones, flora and fauna on a black background
Tether | Seattle, Washington - 2013
Abstract charcoal drawing on paper, scanned electronically
Abstract sketch | Seattle, Washington - 2010
Self portrait styled as medical illustration. Vivesection photoshop composition.
Under the knife | Seattle, Washington - 2016
Microphones with New York Skyline and Crown
Mic Check | Seattle, Washington - 2014