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10 Questions: Federica Lucy Del Giudice | Ivrea, Italy – 2017

03/16/2017 - 15:32

Based out of Ivrea, Italy, Federica Del Guidice is a multi disciplined-multitalented creative who describes herself as “a baker and a drummer’s daughter”.

Federica is a self-taught artist whose approach to learning and inspiration is an integral part of her creative process.

The unique approach & methods to her work is amazing to watch as it is constantly evolving.

At times Federica is creating wonderful pieces with palette knives on canvas and others she carving stylized portraits into the sides of Oreos. Most recently she has picked up the guitar and modeling.

Each new form that she embraces serve as a reminder of the value and reward in experimenting and remaining curious.

Federica was kind enough to participate in the following interview:

“Seatown Logo” Oreo art, Federical Del Guidice – 2017

WHAT’S INTEGRAL TO THE WORK OF AN ARTIST? To keep curious about life, new cultures, other people and nature is integral to the work of an artist. Of course, amazing work originate from “enclosed” feelings and special minds.

I am thinking about Emily Dickinson, Vincent Van Gogh, to mention two of the most popular artists who were able to make a world out of their own rooms.

Let’s say I think an artist’s imagination could be supposed to be able to do that. Nonetheless, in my opinion it is more frequent that an artist is called to do the opposite: to bring the outside into the room where they create their artwork.

Therefore, the most integral activity to the work of an artist is simply to go outside and explore the world!

EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DO IN 100 WORDS:  I portrait people, trying to see their souls and giving them lines and colors. I look at the work of others, I share mine, trying to get better.  Music, books, people’s stories of their lives, poetry: my inspiration.

I love to think about past and present time as a big unicity with a specific balance. Art is a magic that can explain that!

They say magic exists for those who can see it happen everyday. Let’s say that I pursue that magic and I try to paint it! Miracles happen everyday.  The most incredible are told through people’s eyes and faces.

WHAT IS THE STRONGEST MEMORY OF YOUR CHILDHOOD? It is in line with my love for colors that the strongest memory of my childhood is a very visual one. It is my grandpa Paolo’s hand holding mine while walking alongside each other.

I perfectly remember the shape of his hands -as well as the sound of his voice. What is curious about it is that I wasn’t even three years old when he passed away and that memory is still so well defined in me.

WHAT IS AN ARTISTIC OUTLOOK ON LIFE? We all know art is connected to beauty. To me, an artistic a outlook on life is trying to see the hidden link between the phenomena we observe in nature, in everyday life, in the streets of our cities, even in politics.

There’s a sort of leit motif beneath everything that we see and that we take part to. That special connection should make differences a value, nothing would look better or worse anymore. Just a part of a whole. Different, therefore necessary and beautiful.

“Time, track #4”, 2016, detail, oil on canvas

WHAT RESEARCH DO YOU DO? The research I do, apart from observing nature and people, is technical. I have never attended an art school or art classes, so every technical tip on the use of oil colors or other techniques is precious to me!

I also love to visit ancient sites, like old churches, castles or archeological areas in order to experience that link between past and present I have mentioned.

Attending contemporary art exhibitions is also a good way to me to gather new ideas and to be inspired. Social media, like Instagram with its virtual art galleries, are useful too!

WHAT SUPERPOWER WOULD YOU HAVE AND WHY? If I could have a super power that would definitely be the ability to time travel, to see the secret of that linkage between past, present and future revealed to my curious eyes!

NAME THREE ARTISTS YOU’D LIKE TO BE COMPARED TO. To be compared to a great artist is surely too much for me, but here are the three who inspire me the most: Nate Giorgio, California (contemporary artist); Telemaco Signorini (Italy, beginning of XX century); Rob “the original”, California (contemporary artist).

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE OR MOST INSPIRATIONAL PLACE? In my city, Ivrea, there’s a place I love
to go to, to find my inspiration.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia & Creative Commons

Ponte Veccho, Ivrea, Italy

It is the old town center, where you can find our three towers castle from the XII century, an old cathedral, a nice square, old stairways and a balcony where you can watch over the old town’s rooftops from.

That is “my place”, I dare say. I go there every now and then, when I need to find some new energy and that’s the place where I feel the connection with the past times is stronger that anywhere else.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? My dream project is to travel the world, taking sketches and pictures of people’s eyes and faces, than draw them on uncommon material, to eventually exhibit my work in a collective.

WHAT’S THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN?My friend Giovanni Gobbi, some time ago, gave me the best piece of advice. Giovanni is a man of great knowledge and he has a strong passion for art and history. He also runs a gallery in Turin.

He once told me my work was ok, but that I still needed to express myself. Just as in my work there was something still untold. He said that was because I was kind of underfed.

“Start to attend exhibitions, get out of your room!”, that’s what he told me. “Feed yourself with art, no matter if from the past or from the present!”.That was when my research started. And I feel I am still at the beginning.

To get back to the connection between music, history, politics, women’s strength, I would quote wonderful Aung San Suu Kyi: “There’s a long way to go, so please stand by”!

You can explore more of Federica’s artwork on her Instagram and her site

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