Session Suggestions

Below are suggestions for your session, they are not a requirement, but do help ensure we capture the best images possible.


  • A good rule-of-thumb is to try and wear clothing that doesn’t detract from your face: Your clothes should be free of logos, busy prints, and loud colors.

  • The day before your shoot, lay out your outfit(s) to ensure that they are clean and hair, lint & wrinkle-free.

Styling and Grooming:

  • Please be sure eyebrows are groomed, teeth are clean, and lips are not dry. If necessary, please bring a lip balm/moisturizer with you.

  • Fingers and toes should be clean and groomed. Nails should be a natural color (nude, French , light-pink)

  • Hair/Styling: Facials and haircuts should be done a week or so before the shoot date.

  • Facial Hair: All facial hair should be groomed. If you wish to have a few ‘rough’ shots and then shave to include a few shots with a smoother look, please bring your shaving kit and mention this before the shoot.

  • Make-up: You want to achieve a natural even skin tone, and be sure to cover blemishes.

Before the shoot:

  • Eat! Be sure to eat something before you leave for your session so you’re not hungry during the shoot. You will look better, be more focused, and have the energy throughout the shoot.  (This is especially important for children.  Bring crackers, nutrition bar, etc; but stay away from chocolate or colored items/drinks, as they can stain the lips, tongue, and teeth.)

  • Come hair-ready and bring a brush, comb, etc for touching up during the shoot.

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