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12/27/2017 - 16:20

I host a 10 question interview on my blog geared towards photographers.

It has become a fun way to learn more about artists I admire, and a way for me to share their work. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for me to learn more about my own approach to the craft.

My favorite question that I ask in every interview is “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?”.

Regardless of the skill level, field of imaging or type of equipment used I find that the answers always practical considerations and food for thought.

I am excited to share some of my favorite answers. You can read the full interviews by clicking the artists’ name.

D0 you have any amazing advice that you want to share? Sound off in the comments below!

“When someone graciously offers you free food to take home, whether you like that food or not, for God’s sake just take it.”Matt O., Matt O Photo





“Good portraits are 90% understanding and relating to people, and 10% skill.

If you really want to become a better photographer, be sure to practice and understand the techniques of the medium, but spend even more time studying and learning about the human condition.”Alexander Hallet, Sattva Photo

It’s Just A Dream | Harim Arjon – 2016

“Shoot for yourself; not to please others.

I started the 365 project to force my mind to think more creatively and to explore something new and although my mind is exhausted, I find myself creating photographs that I’m proud of and I can now freely post them without worry of how others may react.”Harim Arjon 





Juan Dominguez | Lights

 “I was told it didn’t matter how I captured a photo, or on what equipment I captured it on, as long as it was framed well and interesting that’s all that really should matter.”Juan Dominquez



Untitled | Kayleigh McCollum – 2015

“A teacher once told me the most important thing I have ever learned, and it’s the same piece of advice I give to everyone who asks me about learning photography: “So you bought a nice new camera and you want to know how to take pictures with it? Read the fucking manual.”Kayleigh McCollum

Untitled | Alex Garland

“From a photojournalists perspective…Even though you try to be a fly on the wall, you still change the scene.”

One of the greatest realizations is that while one tries not to get involved or change the nature of what’s unfolding before you, people react to you and your camera.” – Alex Garland



3rd & Fairfax |Suzanne Stein ©

“…A theater teacher told me a long time ago that you can be many things as a performer/artist, you can make many mistakes and get away with them BUT….you must never, ever be boring!” – Suzanne Stein

Untitled | Lopez Island, Washington – 2015

“An English professor told me “If you want to be a writer, write.” While I don’t aspire to be a professional photographer, I’d like to be a better one so I apply that advice to photography.” – Karlena Pickering


Cicely Voigtlander Williams | North Bend, Washington – 2015

“Shoot what you love and you will love what you shoot. If you’re photographing something because somebody else does it, or because that is what you feel pressured to photograph…it will never be as good at photographing the thing that you really, truly LOVE to photograph.”Cicely Voightlander, Rusted Van Photography 



Qween Amor | Juanita Hong

“Shoot, shoot, and reshoot.” You can’t expect great shots if you don’t keep shooting.

There are some images that I chose, thinking at the time that they were amazing, but years later (and after a lot of experience) I looked at them again and wondered why I even chose those images in the first place.

I think all photographers go through this. It’s like a progression. We start off expecting results, but it takes a lot of practice and time to get there.” – Juanita Hong

Field of deer grazing at sunrise in the fog

Dan Williams – 2016

“Specifically to photography — Your camera (whatever that camera might be) is the best camera in world at the moment you need it. Life in general — The effort which is sufficient will equal enough victory.”Dan Williams, Rusted Van Photography

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