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04/20/2019 - 16:20

If I am to trust most photography-related blogs, then I should believe that the field I work is a dying art form. In all honesty, I feel that most publications push the idea of the “death of photography” to sell the latest camera and the same way that news programs base their headlines on fear to obtain viewership.

The last time I checked; I lived in a slowly dying vessel, on a dying planet, in an ever-dimming universe if you want to get existential about it. Taking the time to consider photography as an art form, it is constantly evolving. If it were a living being it would be seen as thriving to adapt with the planet changing around it.

Recent advancements in imaging technology have resulted in a near-constant stream of headlines involving not only photographic innovation but the creation of images that were deemed “impossible” just a few short years ago.

Personally, I feel that it is the duty of any serious artist to stay informed of the changes and updates in their industry regardless if they will utilize them for their own work. I believe if someone chooses to ignore change continually they will find themselves late for a future that has arrived on time.

Below are some recent articles I’ve come across that I’ve found both informative & inspirational and I wanted to take the time to share:

Image courtesy of The Gender Spectrum Collection

March 31st was International Transgender Day of Visibility, celebrating transgender and non-binary people across the planet and acknowledging the courage it takes to live an open and authentic life.

Broadly (the female-centric subsidiary of Vice Media) recently released The Gender Spectrum Collection a stock photo library featuring images of trans and non-binary models.

According to the usage guidelines “The Gender Spectrum Collection is a step toward improved representation of one of the world’s most diverse and historically most misrepresented communities”.

All images in this growing library are licensed to the Creative Commons and free to use.

Full Library:

In this digital/information age “Fake News” is on the front page as often as actual newsworthy headlines. Thankfully, journalism ethics tend to thwart most stories before they gain traction.

“Deep Fakes” are the Fake News of the imaging world.

Recent and rapid developments in the fields of AI and machine learning have led to imagery that potentially has the power to both delight the imagination and disrupt with disinformation.

Currently, its most sinister use is putting the faces of celebrities on adult performers. I firmly believe this technology will be used at some point by a nefarious party to create an international incident.

This article by WIRED does an excellent job of describing the technology as well as highlighting some of its strengths, both good and bad.

Empathy is the core function of design and is a non-linear thought process. As a technique, it can be hard to articulate, and as a creator, it can be just as difficult to master.

The docu-series Abstract: The Art of Design, highlights the creative process & disciplines with a variety of design innovators in their respective field.

Each artist builds their episode around their personal aesthetic and philosophy, which makes for a unique viewing experience that is both highly entertaining & informative. (My personal favorites featured: Platon, Es Devlin, and Bjarke Ingles)

If you a working creative, or a professional looking to approach your workflow with a new frame of mind, I highly recommend viewing. This visually rich documentary series earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction.

Full Series: Netflix – Abstract: The Art of Design

Craft brewery Dogfish Head recently launched a new gose beer called SuperEIGHT for drinking AND developing film. ????

The high acidity of the special ingredients: prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, etc allows it to be used as a processing agent for film stocks.

Petal Pixel offered this fantastic write-up about the beer, and it includes the “recipe” to develop the film. This short flick about the product was shot on Kodak Super 8 film, and developed with the beer itself:

Like everyone else I was floored by NASAs recent blackhole image, but did you know that they were recently able to photograph the shockwaves caused by a sonic boom as well? The results are just as AMAZING!

nasa photo

After picking my jaw up off of the floor, my immediate question was “How did they do it?” This article by Popular Science does an excellent job detailing how they were able to conceptualize and capture such a breathtaking image.

What has inspired you lately? How will you use that inspiration to fuel your dreams? Sound off below!

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