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06/05/2018 - 16:20

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of research online for some long-term projects in addition to researching new tools and techniques. I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of my favorite things that I have come across in my meandering journey.

Free Stock Photography – Pexels

Pexels offers both stock photography and video options are often highly competitive and a viable alternative to their paid counterparts. This is one of the first places I look when gathering source media for a project.

Display Purposes | Photo Hashtags

Display purposes is an amazing utility, that helps you compile a list of appropriate hashtags for your social media posts. Typically the rule of thumb is 3 hashtags per post, but this went out the window with the advent of Instagram for some reason.

On IG you can use up to 30 relevant hashtags for your posts. Posting a photo of your lunch? Type in a few key words like “Lunch, Downtown, Diner” and you’ll be given a list of the most popular hashtags on social media.

Display purposes also takes the time to filter out “spammy” hashtags which could possibly have you shadow banned on the platform. Make sure and double check the results, there are always a few off tags, but the results are worth the effort.

86 Photoshop Tutorials: Tips, tricks & effects

This link created by Digital Arts Online contains 86 step-by-step articles that cover Adobe Photoshop tutorials ranging from beginner to highly advanced. ????

The lessons were also curated & created by world-renowned illustrators and designers.  I’ve picked up tons of tips, tricks & effects across platforms and styles. This is an amazing FREE resource for any professional photographer, designer or animator.

10 Royalty Free Music Sites

Copyright laws can make finding the audio to accompany video projects a time-consuming challenge. Violations usually result in the content removal by the site owner (i.e. Youtube, Facebook,etc.) and can be the subject of serious fines & litigation.

As a musician, I enjoy writing audio compositions to accompany my reels. While it’s fun to create complimentary music for my video work, often project lead time doesn’t allow for such a luxury.

Adweek put together this FANTASTIC list of royalty free music that ranges from free to pay-per-use.  The resources include everything from simple audio loops, to score work by acclaimed recording artist Moby.

Images from the eBay listing by hit-camera-ltd-7569

I found this article about a 14k solid gold ring for sale on e-Bay that is actually a one-of-a-kind Russian spy photography ring!

The camera, which apparently still works, is only one of two known in existence. As compelling and fun as this would be to own, the 20k suggested retail is out of my current budget.

I would be extremely curious to see what kind of images that this device could produce to determine its viability as a tool previously used in cold-war espionage.

14k Solid Gold Ring Soviet Era Spy Camera

These AMAZING ads created for KFC Hong Kong, show pieces of fried chicken as fiery explosions! ????

The images themselves are pure genius; conceptually highlighting the nature of the product while making it both appealing & larger than life.

You can view the rest of the images in this eye-catching series here: KFC Campaign Hong Kong.

The upcoming issue of Time Magazine features 968 drones creating a 100-meter aerial display of their signature red border,  which was also photographed by a drone. 

Immediately I had a lot of questions about how they were able to execute such a complicated task. This behind-the-scenes video not only details the process but shows both the complexity and scale of the shoot. 


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