Journal : Fuck up.

06/18/2017 - 16:20

Last year, a major label band I’ve listened to since high school contacted me and asked if I would create a short promotional video for their upcoming album.

I was really excited (They’re a cool ass band!!!) I said “Yes”, we exchanged messages and then all-of-the-sudden they stopped responding.It remains unclear if its something I said or did. Personally, I doubt that’s the case, but the album came out without my video, and that was that.

For a while, I felt like a failure. I just had a really cool opportunity fall apart in my hands. And one of my art heroes left me feeling bummed out. :/

Perspective is a funny thing. A friend pointed out that I had only started creating videos three months earlier and was pretty successful already.

The loops and videos were created initially out of trying to do something new and failing on purpose. A short time later I was being contacted by an artist I admire, to work for them. The outcome wasn’t the best case scenario, but it was far from the worst.

That insight has given me the freedom to fail on purpose and with purpose.

My failure was not with the “missed opportunity” but allowing my outlook prevent me from continuing to fail on purpose.

To fail intentionally is one of the most liberating parts of the creative process. If you start off with failure you only have room for growth. Try it, fuck up, and try it again. It’s amazing.

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