Journal : San Francisco

11/11/2018 - 16:20

I recently had the opportunity to explore San Francisco while on-assignment. Much like Seattle, there were hidden gems to be found all over the city.

Unlike Seattle, San Francisco works hard to preserve and maintain its rich and diverse heritage. As a city, we model much of our growth based on models that worked in this city. I wish we could also honor the same sense of legacy in Seattle, but that is another topic for another time.

Over the course of the week, I had the opportunity to shoot an entire city. Late autumn in Northern California is still an amazing time of year.

Traveling in from the PNW, I had packed for chilly November weather; and instead, I was gifted with a sunny respite. So much so, I received a sunburn after my first day of shooting. While exploring it was also an odd sensation seeing both Christmas and Halloween decorations at the same time.

It added a bit to the surrealness of being a Seattleite with a sunburn in November I think. :) Below is my photo travelogue captured on an iPhone during the first week November 2018.


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