Journal: the box.

10/31/2018 - 16:20
You open an unlocked door and enter an empty room. It is well lit, but the walls are bare.

It contains no furniture except for a small waist-high wooden table in the center of the room.

Naturally curious, you walk towards the table and notice a small box sitting on top of it. The chest is decorated in a way that is pleasing to your eye.

Upon further inspection, you notice several marks and blemishes on its exterior.

This does not diminish its appeal but enhances it; as you know the item well-worn because it is as useful as it is beautiful.

Attached to the clasp keeping the box locked is a small notecard addressed to you. You flip over the piece of paper and it reads:

”Inside is beyond all you can dream & fear. You may bring or take nothing. Tools provided as needed. – Open at your own risk.”

You decide that you don’t care what it in the box and leave the room, just to see what it feels like. You are both excited and scared, but decide to open it aways.

Lifting the lid, your eyes feel deceived. The exterior is so small, yet inside it is endless and black. Inky and wet; like space, or the deepest parts of the ocean.

You lean in closer and press your eyes against the box to get a better look. It appears that if you stuck your hand inside, it would just vanish as if going into a black hole.

Coming closer you expected to hear a hum, something, anything. But there is no great vacuum sound; only silence.

Your eyes adjust to the darkness inside and your field of vision opens to an endless void. Blank and eternal.

Frozen in awe of the complete silence and absence of anything other than your awareness of the space. You are stirred by a tiny voice; faint almost whisper-like.

It says something both familiar and foreign, like a half-remembered dream. Answering one of your biggest questions in life. Knowing the truth makes you sad, but truly glad to finally understand your problem.

The voice keeps talking, but it gets farther away. To your surprise, you’ve now stuck your entire head inside this tiny box and you almost feel as though you’ll fall in.

You are struck with the realization that to keep listening means to enter and accept your warning.

Or to walk away with what you’ve learned and try to reconcile living without knowing where that tiny voice will take you.

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