Capture : Traffic Loops

04/25/2017 - 16:20

     Photography is a time-consuming passion. Between the hours spent in the field and the darkroom, it can be challenging to find the time to develop new photographic skills.

I am on the road to-and-from assignments and sessions frequently. In my experience traveling is the fastest way to make time disappear.

Previously I saw these excursions as another obstacle between my time allocated for my business and my photographic development.

While driving I would continually see amazing things that made me wish I could drive with the wheel in one hand and my camera in the other.

Over the previous summer, I began experimenting with video format. It was fun to experiment with a new form and to create just for the sake of pure enjoyment.

Video is the idea of capturing time passing, versus photography which is strictly a moment in time.  This gave me a brand new set of tools and vocabulary to play with.

It also made me realize that I could shoot video while driving and capture some of the interesting things that I had been previously unable to share.

Using a dash mount cell phone holder as a tripod and my iPhone, I began experimenting with video loops from my road trips.

It is a lot of fun in the time-lapse mode to capture long distances and interesting stretches of roadway. On social media, I’ve enjoyed sharing these loops a great deal.

Most often they are paired with one of the songs I was listening to at the time of capture.

Most recently, I’ve also introduced a GoPro Session into my traffic recording. It has a wide range of mounting options and it’s compact size make versatile in a tiny space. I’ve found that even a nice piece of gaffers tape will hold it in place during a night drive through the city.

These in transit loops have become another fun and creative way for me to share my life on the road and on assignment as well as develop my skillset while making the most of my time.


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