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03/21/2017 - 23:50

On-location | Seattle, Washington – 2016, 2017

Last summer when I started my SnapChat account, I began posting an image each time I arrived on-set at a location.

It became a fun way for me to share just how different my job site is each and every time I shoot.

Over time I realized that it  was another way capture my first impressions of any given setting.

With each location offering its own unique set of challenges and benefits.

I believe this helped me learn to take stronger photos by utilizing the unique element of any given environment.

After snapping my image; my next step after arriving on-site is to explore my surroundings for light, eye-lines and optimal conditions.

While surveying, it occurred to me that this was a perfect opportunity to sharpen my skills at taking hand-held panoramas and another way for me to notice the unique properties of a location.

Some images were quickly captured on my iPhone, others more deliberately on my Cannon. Each photo represents a diverse day of shooting on assignment & on-the-road.

Each image excercise is meant to highlight a glimpse into shooting on assignment. Utilizing both the panorama, and the inital on-set photo has led to helping me adapt my images to the strength of any given space.

It has also become a fun way for me challenge myself, share diverse content and show my office for the day. :)

MOD Pizza | Cascade Park, Washington – 2017

East Highlands Fitness | Renton, Washington – 2017

Absinthe Brassiere | Seattle, Washington – 2017

Inspire Fitness | Seattle, Washington – 2017

Leavenworth Sunrise | Leavenworth, Washington – 2016

Pier 66 | Seattle, Washington – 2016

Kirkland Waterfront | Kirkland, Washington – 2016

The inside of 800-year-old tree | Deception Pass, Washington – 2016

Landover Woods | Seattle, Washington – 2017

Downtown | Bellevue, Washington – 2016

Bay | Deception Pass, Washington – 2017

5 Point | Seattle, Washington – 2016

Crosson Ski | Tukwila, Washington – 2017

Recording studio | Seattle, Washington – 2016

SeaTac Airport | Seattle, Washington – 2016

Fishermans Warf | San Francisco, California – 2016

Deception Pass | Deception Pass, Washington – 2016


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