Focus: Monica Arche | Federal Way, Washington – 2017

05/25/2017 - 11:30

Monica Arche is a multidisciplined-artist and painter based out of Federal Way Washington.

She is both a prolific and dedicated artist harnessing over 20 years of knowledge & experience into each new piece she creates.

Born from Cuban parents in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami, Florida; She follows the artistic tradition of her Cuban grandfather Jorge Arche, and her great uncle Aristides Fernandez who were both part of the Vanguardia artist movement in Cuba during the 1940’s.

Her work is not only influenced by her cultural roots but also a desire to excavate deeper meaning from reality & life.

Displays of paintings showcase diverse styles that compliment each other and build on her themes of emotion and energies. Her pieces can be playful, or filled with tension based on her use of line and color; even when compositionally off-kilter display a sense of harmony and balance.

On April 28 – 29  Monica will be participating in a fundraiser at Juan Alonso Studio (TK Building – 306 S. Washington St. Studio #104).

The event is an art auction benefitting the ACLU, Lambda Legal, and Planned Parenthood. All proceeds will go to one of these charities of buyers choice. Buyer pays $100 and they choose a 6″ x 6″ piece to take home.

In our conversation,  she discusses reaching beyond reality, manifesting energy, and how she uses her work to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Monica was kind enough to participate in the following interview:

“Angel Among Us”, Monica Arche – Oil on Canvas 20 X 30

Who are you and what you do? My name is Monica Arche, I am a Cuban-American artist who lives to create in every sense of its word.

I am a professional artist by trade and I also substitute teach as something extra to do during the day.
Why do you do what you do? This is something I have always done since a very young age, I believe I was born to create because I’ve always had a great inclination to be creative in some way.

My media of choice is mainly to paint which is what I’ve exhibited before but I also love to weld and work with different mediums.

What’s your background? I was actually born in Puerto Rico, my parents are Cuban with Spanish and German descents but they left Cuba when communism began to give way on the island.

My paternal grandfather was Jorge Arche and was considered and still considered a Cuban master in painting on the island and my father’s maternal grandmother’s brother was also a very famous painter and poet his name was Aristides Fernandez Vazquez.

Out of five siblings, I am the only one who has ever shown to continue or have an artistic inclination as my past relatives. To me, this is an honor that I carry with much pride since I know how much they loved and lived as artists.

What is an artistic outlook on life? I like to think that I see beyond reality or what most see as reality. Life itself is art and everything that life gives us is an expression waiting to be created.

For example, I don’t believe in replicating what most see as reality I prefer to create the essence or aura that life around us gives off. I believe everything gives off energy and this is what I have a sensibility to pick up on and that’s how I create.

Professionally what’s your goal? Professionally I would like to have people constantly surrounded by my work so they too can enjoy the positive energy my works brings to them.

I would love to travel and share my work with the world and through my work help others feel peace and joy. I also would love to be able to contribute to my community and different charities by either donating part of my gains anonymously or by auctioning off pieces to these charities to help fund their cause.

I’ve already done several silent auctions where they take the full amount for a certain cause and this brings me much joy because I feel I’m contributing in some way.

“Beware Spring Chickens”, Monica Arche | 24″ x 74″

What memorable responses have you had to your work? I have had on two different occasions through exhibits a person walking up to me in tears because the person enjoyed the energy my paintings brought to them.

They were tears of joy and these have been reactions that have stayed in my memory because I found it profound to see how much love my pieces actually expressed to someone.

I know I feel great joy and surprise myself a lot of times but to see someone else feel that energy really shows me that what I sense is coming through.

What role does the artist have in society? I believe that an artist should always try to create to bring or for fill something to its viewer.

He has a duty to either inform society something about what is wrong in this world or to bring joy and peace to its environment.

I believe that as an artist we should always try to be helpful to our communities and share your talent with others so that they can see things in a different perspective and be exposed to a different point of view of why something is of importance.

What’s integral to the work of an artist? For me is staying true to oneself. Not creating just to for fill the common. Or commercialize yourself in other words.

I don’t believe that any person who is an artist should follow others or create just to be excepted that’s not a true artist.

I sometimes see how others will create just so they sell and to me that is cheating yourself and others of a true existence. I know some may say well I need to make a living and ok so do I but at what expense at the expense of my being?

Fuck that, I will always stay true and not fall into that trap because at the end it’s your soul that your putting out there and if you want to really make a difference in someone’s life you have to be real not a follower.Find some other way to make an income if that is the case but never lose yourself to what the demand is.

“Celebration of Death”, Monica Arche – Oil on Canvas 30 X 36

No vases with flowers or fruit baskets for me behind the dinner table, I prefer to have a real vase with water and flowers and a real painting behind that then to have something fake with no feelings in it.

Sorry but that’s the way I feel.

What do you like about your work? I like that I never know what’s gonna come out of it, it develops as I go and that surprise at the end is what fills me.

The unknown of what my spirit has coming is the present that the universe gives me and that in itself is my gift and the gift I share with others.

What do you dislike about the art world? I dislike seeing people who might have true talent fall in the trap to create for others just so they can see a profit.

I find a lot of people who all paint the same just for the sake of a sale. How do they sleep with themselves when they truly don’t share with the world their true being?

I also do not enjoy seeing how there are many great artists who barely get a chance to expose their work because it’s about who you know not necessarily how good you are and this upsets me because it is cheating the world of some great talent.

You can see more of Monica’s work on her Instagram and site:

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