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12/18/2016 - 16:41

Morgan H. Fitness

Morgan Herkert is a Certified Personal Trainer, in April 2016, she competed in her first national figure competition at the Emerald Cup and more recently appeared in the Macklemore video “Dance Off“.

As a tenured nurse and a proud mother of two young girls; Morgan has a great passion for taking care of others.

Her personalized approach to good health blends resistance training, nutrition and lifestyle modification.

By combining her passion for fitness with her medical background she has designed safe programs for individuals from all walks of life, even those without previous fitness experience or physical limitations.

She also offers a host of services that include; one-on-one personal & group training, post-partum revitalization, cardiac conditioning & education, and injury prevention.

She recently opened a beautiful private fitness studio located in Bellingham (1333 Lincoln St. Suite #1 Bellingham, Washington) that has hosted a diverse set of clientele in the short time it has been open.

In our conversation, Morgan discusses harnessing your passions,  her strategy for overcoming challenges, and what makes her approach to fitness so unique.

Morgan was kind enough to participate the following interview.

Please describe your business: I offer one-on-one personal training with an emphasis on healthcare. My clientele ranges from those whom are completely sedentary to those looking for that extra progression to their workout routine.

I also train clients with physical limitations and chronic disease.

I pride myself in the ability to understand not only the muscular and skeletal systems but one’s overall health and how the body functions as a whole.

My business offers much more than a workout, but a lifestyle modification in which my clients develop the tools to sustain a healthy wellbeing throughout the duration of their lives.

“Most people are not 100% happy with their bodies and to be able to make that connection and teach them to love what makes them unique is truly special. “

How did you get the concept for your idea or business? It was actually a very natural concept for me to explore.

My love for working with people, my education of pathophysiology and exercise seemed like a perfect combo to compose a business out of.

What is unique about your business? There are several unique variables to my business. First of all, I offer guidance for a complete lifestyle modification.

My clients receive innovative workouts in the studio along with a weekly schedule specific to their individual needs including workouts at home/ gym as well as macronutrient nutrition recommendations.

Another unique variable is that with my medical background (16 + years nursing), I am able to assess on a deeper level the health and needs of my clients.

I also provide a private studio in which my clients have the luxury of a modern and welcoming space all to their own.

To what do you attribute your success? Just keeping it real with people! I feel you truly connect with people when you can be vulnerable with them. Especially, in a setting such as fitness.

Most people are not 100% happy with their bodies and to be able to make that connection and teach them to love what makes them unique is truly special. I’ve met some phenomenal people throughout this journey and that alone is success.

Give the gift of health! Gift certificates and packages available. For more info visit:

What is your single most critical talent you possess in your role as a business owner? I would have to say ambition and drive! I work myself to the bone because I love what I do.

I feel there is always an aspect of my business that can improve and evolve. I’m the same way with nursing and at home. My motto is that we can sleep when we’re dead!

What has been your biggest challenge? As a new business owner, there have been a few unexpected roadblocks that occurred and unfortunately, all happened at once.

All you can do is stay positive, move forward and count your blessings. Some things are out of your control and what matters most is how you react and deal with it.

What has been your greatest accomplishment? Besides knocking it out of the park with my family? I would have to say having the courage to go forward with this career change and not knowing the outcome.

It has taught me that if you work hard enough and have passion you can achieve great things!

How do you define success as a business owner? Obviously, financial success is great, but for me, it’s not everything.

Coming from a job that you dread going to and then transitioning to a job that you look forward to is definitely success.

When you make a difference in someone’s health and change their way of life, that is a success!

What are your goals and where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years? There are already some expansion ideas in the works. I plan on hiring a staff who share in my concept and passion.

This business has only just begun and has a long and prosperous future ahead.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out what would it be? I would tell them to make sure that they absolutely love what they do and be prepared to work hard in order to succeed.

You can keep up with Morgan via her site, Instagram and Facebook.

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