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02/21/2018 - 16:20

Sometimes I have these thoughts or feelings that cannot escape me, and try as hard as I can there isn’t a way to put them into my images.

I’ve wanted to challenge myself creatively, and continue to hone my writing skills. The idea of writing poetry sounded both exciting, and a bit scary.

There is no particular meter, style or methodology to the writing other than to use as a personal development exercise and hopefully express something meaningful.

As I’ve continued to write my approach is to treat it like penning lyrics. While I’ve written many songs over the years, I’ve mostly kept them to myself as they tend to be very personal.

While I am working on speaking my truth, and doing something that scares me, this seemed like an excellent opportunity to embrace this challenge in particular.

Below are some of the first pieces I would like to share since beginning this project in October of last year.

little bird.

When you said, it made you feel broken
trying to love me.

I think about the things you took
you didn’t intend on returning.

Stolen moments, tender mercies
sticks and stones, broken homes

The ways that you could hurt me.

The scene of the crime

In this theatre, you were
sucking on my fingers.
Til all my prints were gone.

You said you knew me,
you said you’d need me.
Til your lips and tongue were raw.

Swore we’d change the world together.
too young, too in love to know better.

Living on broken things,
some stolen dreams
and time we couldn’t borrow.

Til you packed your things,
clipped my wings
and told me not to follow.

Hotels & hospital rooms

I’ve been, talking in circles
You’ve been, screaming at the wind
We don’t know where we’re going
only how this will end

I never said I was innocent
I never said I couldn’t hurt you
I never said I was perfect
I never said I deserved you

I can’t love you, forever
but I can hold you for tonight
I can’t make this any better
but I can tell you it will be alright

I’ve made my bed
I’ve filled my cup
I tossed and turned
I drink it up

there has to be
somewhere, for me & you
In between these
hotels, and hospital rooms

Black sheep, wolves clothing

You met a wolf?
I have.
Born one, been one too.

Spent my youth,
howling at the moon
The wool over my eyes

A cheap disguise,
so, I could look like you.

When the world was my canvas
and you were my muse.
We’d paint the night sky
every shade of bruise.

Before I learned,
the difference between
an open wound and a battle scar
is how you take that pain
inside your heart.

I know, I know, seasons change

saw silver linings
turn ashen gray.
Felt a cruel wind blow
when you turned away.

I know, I earned this bad reputation
by being your good time.

making promises we couldn’t keep
before we realized
the demons choking you
came clawing from inside

Easy well 

You were
an easy well
to wet my beak
and ink my quill

To ease my pain
and bend my will
To withstand reason
and reward obsession

An endless chamber,
to echo resentment
A deformed display,
distorting impression

Poured my heart out
into empty glasses
til there was nothing left
but a vessel
full of spit and ashes

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